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Affordable Gifts for Christmas, Hanuka, and Kwanzaa

The holiday season is a special time of year, with friends and family coming together to visit, share food, enjoy the company of ones we care about.  Christmas, Hanuka, and Kwanzaa are are also special times when friends and family exchange gifts, as a way of expressing our love and appreciation for those we care about. For adults, and especially for children, Kwanzaa, Hanuka, and Christmas are magical times full of age old traditions, stories, and presents.

Unfortunately, for those of us feeling the financial pinch, the holidays can add the additional stress, frustration, and disappointment of not always being able buy the gifts we’d like for our loved ones.

Below and in some of the following pages are some affordable gifts for this holiday season.

Affordable holiday gifts under $150

Affordable holiday gifts under $100

Affordable holiday gifts under $50

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