Federal Employee Government Shutdown

Federal Employees
Federal Employees Serve and Protect US

Federal Employees;
We appreciate your service. This site will help you find needed resources during the federal government shutdown.

Unfortunately, it appears that there may be another federal shutdown on the horizon.

This time, plan ahead and be prepared.  Helppayingthebills.com has an extensive list of contacts for things like food pantries, emergency heat assistance, veterans benefits, as well as low cost medical and dental care, if needed.  Take a moment and identify those resources your may need ahead of time.   Be prepared!

We’d like to hear your opinion below about the Jaunuary 2018 federal government shutdown as well as the possible upcoming shutdown.

Also, Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions or updates to our listings, so we can disseminate the information as soon as possible to everybody  Hang in there!.



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